Special Edition - Kiddie Ride Biker Build-Off

Several Months ago, Ed Dacus and David Lloyd both found 2 worn-out Motorcycle Carnival Kiddie Rides in need of Tender Loving Care. These machines were on Ebay in Chambersburg,PA, and after purchasing both of them, they were shipped on a pallet to Memphis, Tennessee. Both machines were in working mechanical order, and looked fairly rough. Ed and David were going to clean them up and give them to their Grandsons. Both guys talked about the plans to clean the units up and make a neat little toy for their Grandsons. One thing led to another and what happen then began a Full-Blown Biker Build-Off - Who's Grandson would have the Coolest Ride???

This is a perfect "David & Goliath story" & "Privateer VS Big Factory" Little David up against BIG Daddy OH Hendricks!! - What a Build-Off - The stage was set. Well, here we are 2 months later to present Both Biker Kiddie Rides. If only the Grandson's knew all the Hoop behind rebuilding these Toys - Look at the pictures below and you can decide if the Privateer has a chance againist the BIG Business "Deep Pockets" Dacus - Ha Ha - What a Blast! just to try and compete with BIG Ed!

In Ed's defense, his pictures were taken before the fenders were installed, but I think you get the idea - Besides, I am the Web-Editor and control the webPage!!

Click on any image below for a larger version.

BIG Daddy - ED Dacus Machine -------------------------------------- David Lloyd's "Flying Zeke" Machine

Diamond Plate Platform Red, White & Blue - Evel Knievel Theme
Custom Paint by Super Cycle - Builder of Elvis Presley cycles Bodywork by Bobby Porter
Totally Restored Totally Restored
Custom Alligator Seat Grafffics by Tennessee Tint
Ready for Andrew & Spencer Ready for Zeke

We both will say there are still a few minor touch-up things to do with both rides

We will be adding the "Before" Pictures soon, so you can see what the beginning Kiddie Rides Looked like.

Here is a You Tube Video of the Motorcycle in Action